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If you want to transform a dark building into a light and airy environment, a commercial rooflight can provide the perfect solution as opposed to simply relying on a roof window. Increased natural light has several advantages for your business.

It provides ideal conditions for those working within the building by helping them to feel happier and to work more productively. Workers will feel more energised and engaged when they’re working in natural rather than artificial light. As well as helping your staff to feel happier, natural light can increase the value of your premises too by making it more appealing.


If your warehouse or office building is dark and stuffy, installing an industrial rooflight may be a cost-effective solution. Modern designs offer functionality as well as versatility and come in a range of styles to provide solutions to old and new buildings.
As well as creating natural, energy efficient daylight in commercial and industrial buildings, rooflights whether on flat roofs or pitched roofs, can provide ventilation and fresh air to improve the comfort of your staff.

If one or a few of these issues stand out to you, it’s likely time to invest in refurbishing or replacing your cladding system so that your building and business are protected from the elements.

Rooflight Works
Rooflight Works

Rooflights that open can provide natural smoke and exhaust ventilation systems in the event of a fire. They can be a practical addition to your building by providing discreet access to a building’s roof to allow for maintenance and repairs to be carried out, without the need for expensive scaffolding or equipment to be erected externally.

Whether you need a fixed dome or flat design, or something that allows for ventilation, Roofclad can help you to find the perfect option that meets the needs of your business and building. Our rooflight installation service takes care of all aspects of the supply and fitting process so that you can get on with the day-to-day running of your business.

Rooflight refurbishment can be made with little to no disruption to a business' operations

Improves workplace safety

Enhance the visual impact of an industrial building

Rooflight Works
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Rooflight Works
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Rooflight renewal

Our first-class rooflight services can often be undertaken with little or no disruption to daily activities, so your building can often remain fully operational throughout the works.

Rooflights can be designed as a key element of a refurbishment project. Or rooflight replacement may be needed where the age of the existing fittings has resulted in high loss of light levels.

Increase Natural Light

Increasing natural daylight in your building is a sound investment because it not only helps to improve the well-being and productivity of staff but can also reduce the need for artificial lighting. This in turn helps to reduce your lighting costs. Natural daylight from roof windows can be added to most designs so flat roof lights are just as effective as those added to ones with a pitch.

Rooflight Works

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Types of Rooflights

It’s important to remember that different rooflights serve different purposes. For example, a rooflight in a home or commercial property would be very different in size, installation and actual quantity of light provided. Roofclad can provide various types of rooflights that replace existing ones for equal or equivalent products all in accordance with UK building regulations.

These include:

GRP profiled rooflights

PVC profiled rooflights

Domed rooflights

Georgian wired glazing

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