External Wall Cladding

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Protects the structure of a building from harsh weathers

Provide insulation properties

Enhance the visual impact of an industrial building

Overclad / Single Skin

This is sometimes a cheaper alternative if the existing wall surface is in sound condition to do so. It involves installing a new profiled metal skin over the top of the existing wall with insulation and a support bars installed in-between.

  • Built-up cladding

This is a traditional wall cladding system that is a site assembled twin skin metal wall systems with mineral wool core insulation. It consists of an internal metal liner, before an insulating layer and an external face. This improves the acoustic and thermal performance of the existing building.

There are numerous profile options available for the external face allowing the client to personalise the building. In addition, the u value build up can be varied dependant on the client’s needs.

Composite Cladding

Composite wall cladding, is a pre-made all-encompassing panel designed to simplify the roof installation. In today’s society, speed of completion is an ever-growing priority for the building trade. Composite wall panels offer the luxury of being able to fit roofs quickly and efficiently when speed of installation is of major priority.

Composite panels are available in a wide range of coatings and insulation thicknesses. Composite Panels also provide excellent air tightness and consistent insulation throughout the roof area.

As the composite panel is an all-encompassing panel this saves time and money especially for the labour installing in comparison to a traditional built up system.

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