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Industrial Roof Cladding

Roofclad Systems is one of the leading commercial and industrial roofing contractors in the UK. We’re proud to have been providing roofing services for over 45 years with an extensive range of options.

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Low level of maintenance

Protect and safeguard the structure of a building

Improve internal insulation

Commercial Roof Cladding

Commercial roof cladding is a specialist, waterproof material used on roofs to form the outside/external surface. This provides a layer of protection for the important, structural elements below.

Cladding also provides a layer of insulation and secures the structure and integrity of the roof which prolongs its life making it a cost-effective option.Several different styles and materials can be used in commercial roof cladding, depending on your budget and the size and style of your building. These include concrete, asphalt, clay, and slate. Our expert team will help you to decide which option is best for your premises.

We have a reputation for providing a first-class service every time, delivering to the right specifications on time and at a competitive price. Our teams are experts in their fields and are certified installers for all major cladding products so that we can design, plan, and install the right roofing solution for you.

Our aim is to take the stress away from replacing your roof; covering everything from the planning and design stage, through to the removal of your existing roof and safely disposing of it, then installing a new industrial cladding system that will protect your building and is built to last.

Our Services

We provide a range of commercial and industrial cladding services to suit all building types and budgets from repairs and maintenance through to replacing an existing roof. 

These include:

  • Removal of the existing roof systems and installing new composite roof systems using suppliers such as Kingspan, TATA, or Steadmans.
  • Removal of the existing roof systems and installing new insulated built-up roof systems using suppliers such as Firth Steels, Forgale, Coverworld, or TATA.
  • Replacement and safe removal of corrugated non-licenced asbestos cement sheeting. 
  • Over-cladding existing roofs.
  • Cutting-edge corrosion treatment and re-coating.
  • Cladding dilapidation surveys / proactive repair schedules.

Our Roof Cladding Process 

Refurbishing or replacing an ageing cladded roof, particularly over a live working environment, provides many challenges for both the client and the contractor.

When considering roofing refurbishment, the focus should always be on the planning and management of the project. The safety of those carrying out the work, those operating below roof level and minimising disruption to the client’s operations are critical.

Our design team can advise on the logistics of any industrial roof cladding project during the consultation stage, and offer guidance on cost and suitability of all roofing systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

When you work with us as your roofing contractor, you will benefit from our extensive experience of refurbishment contracts and can be confident that you are dealing with professionals who understand all the potential risks involved. We will work with you to keep your operations running during the roof cladding project and ensure that your industrial roofs are of a high quality and are suitable for your business.

How To Spot When Your Roof Needs New Cladding? 

Regular roof inspections will help you to identify when it requires repairs or new cladding. However, some telltale signs will help you spot the need sooner. 

Perhaps the most obvious one is if your roof is no longer providing shelter from the weather outside and you’re experiencing water ingress, it could be time to update your roof. This can often be from a lack of roof maintenance, poor workmanship when initially installed, or more often than not, it becomes worn or damaged due to storms or wear and tear as it gets older. 

If one or a few of these issues stand out to you, it’s likely time to invest in refurbishing or replacing your cladding system so that your building and business are protected from the elements.

Roof Cladding: Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Inspect My Roof?

The more often your roof is inspected, the easier it is to pick up on issues before they turn into major problems. As a minimum, an annual inspection is recommended by an appropriate expert.

If your building is located in an area where there’s exposure to extreme weather conditions, more regular inspections will be needed. Having the roof checked over just before autumn starts, early winter, and spring will help to identify problems early and repair any damage caused by the elements.

A proactive approach to preventive maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your roof.

How Much Does Roof Cladding Cost To Install?

The cost of installing a new commercial cladding system will depend on several factors including the following;

  • Size of roof area.
  • U-values required.
  • Does the roof contain asbestos.
  • Is the roof fragile.
  • Stripping of the roof or over-cladding.

We serve the North East of England and Scotland as well as the majority of the uk. Get in touch with our team to find out about our comprehensive range and get a quote.

What is the most popular type of Roof Cladding?

Commercial and industrial roof cladding comes in a range of styles and materials to suit all building types. 

The most popular type of cladding tends to be metal roofing sheets,  which provides a durable, protective layer for your building that will keep the elements out and is built to last. Metal roofing sheets generally come with warranties up to approximately 25 years.

Areas We Serve

Roofclad has offices in Newcastle and Leeds as well as having a strong presence in Scotland. We primarily service the North of England and Scotland, however, we are happy to take on board projects nationwide if required. Take a look at some of our case studies for more information on roof cladding projects we have completed.

Roof Cladding Contractors 

To learn more or to enquire about our industrial and commercial roof cladding services, contact us today on 0191 4107535 or email one of our friendly team members on

Our History In Roof Cladding And Industrial Roofing Services

The Managing Director, Alex Tilley, is the third generation of roofing refurbishment contractors. Roofclad Systems have become known as experts in the roofing industry, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of old industrial buildings and our expertise in refurbishing commercial and industrial roof cladding systems. With such an extensive and experienced history of roof cladding services for commercial buildings, you’re in safe hands for your next project.

Roof Cladding

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