Roof Cladding

Standing seam [Roof Cladding]

Standing Seam Roofing Systems

Standing seam roofs are able to be installed on low pitched roofs down to 1 degrees. This is a popular choice within the industry as Standing seam roofs offer a low maintenance and high performance covering which have varying guarantees that can exceed 25 years.


They are available in a variety of metal finishes, with aluminium being the most common. The system can be adapted in many ways depending on the pitch or curvature of the roof. An example of this is at St-Aidan’s in Sunderland


It is often used on larger buildings and can range from a being installed in a single skin basis or an insulated specialised high-performance roof, dependent on the client’s needs.


Euroclad, Bemo & Speeddeck are just a few suppliers of standing seam systems that we can supply.

Over Clad - Single Skin [Roof cladding]

Roof Overcladding / Single skin

This is sometimes a cheaper alternative if the existing roof surface is in sound condition to do so. It involves installing a new profiled metal skin over the top of the existing wall with insulation and a support bars installed in-between. This enhances the acoustic and thermal performance of the existing building. The main disadvantage is the internal finish is unchanged.

Built Up Wall Cladding

Traditional Built-up Roof Cladding

This is a traditional roof cladding system that is a site assembled twin skin metal roof systems with mineral wool core insulation. It consists of an internal metal liner, before an insulating layer and an external face. This improves the acoustic and thermal performance of the existing building.


There are numerous profile options available for the external face allowing the client to personalise the building. In addition, the U-value build up can be varied dependant on the client’s needs.

Composite Cladding

Composite Roof Cladding

Composite roofing is a pre-made all-encompassing panel designed to simplify the roof installation. In today’s society, the speed of completion is an ever-growing priority for the building trade. Composite roof panels offer the luxury of being able to fit roofs quickly and efficiently when the speed of installation is of major priority.


Composite panels are available in a wide range of coatings and insulation thicknesses. Composite Panels also provide excellent air tightness and consistent insulation throughout the roof area.


As the composite panel is an all-encompassing panel this saves time and money especially for the labour installing in comparison to a traditional built-up system.

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