Jewson Minster, Craighall Road, Port Dundas, Glasgow

Client: Jewson Minster | Location: Craig Hall Road, Port Dundas, Glasgow | Specification of Work: Roof Refurbishment and Maintenance | Project Length: 16 Weeks

The Project


Jewson & Minster the builders and insulation merchants are based on Craighall Road in Port Dundas, Glasgow.

  • 8000m2 Removal of asbestos cement roof cladding and installation of a twin skin profiled metal insulated system.
  • 600m2 Removal of asbestos cement wall cladding and installation of a twin skin profiled metal insulated system.

Client Problems:

The building had been experiencing a large amount of water ingress through the old profiled asbestos cement roof and Georgian wired glass over a long period.

The original roof & wall had very low thermal value in comparison with today’s standards and a large amount of heat was being lost through the pitched roof and wall cladding. Thus a combination of a roof that leaked in any weather and one that resulted in excessive heating costs for the company through poor insulation.

The construction works were to be carried out whilst Jewson were fully operational. This would require close interaction with the Client and Roofclad Systems throughout the project.

For the building itself the client wished to enhance the look of the building from a dated building fabric to a new aesthetically pleasing metal cladded system.



Asbestos cement profiled roof cladding & Georgian wired glazing was removed by ourselves from the roof level in stages. Roofclad provided a new built up profiled metal system, incorporating a 0.7mm liner panel, support bar 260mm glass wool insulation and a 0.7mm profiled weather sheet. Complete with this were new pre-coated metal valley and boundary wall gutters, external trimline type eaves gutters, and UPVC rainwater downpipes.

To the walls the asbestos cement profiled cladding was removed by ourselves. Roofclad provided a twin skin profiled metal insulated system, complete with all the associated flashings.

In order for these works to be carried out safely scaffolding was required to be used as edge protection and to provide a safe working and access platform at roof area.

To the underside of the roof, fall arrest safety netting was installed complete with a debris mesh. Whilst roof replacement works were carried out on parts of the roof, at ground level, areas were segregated off to prevent access for the public. This was done with the agreement of the Jewson Site representatives and Roofclad Systems on a daily basis.

Now, the client has a new cladded building that is aesthetically enhanced, water tight that meets the u value building regulations and has decreased the everyday running costs for the client.

Before and After



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