Insulated guttering

General Guttering

There are a number guttering types that can be installed from when conducting refurbishment works. 
A Composite gutter is supplied as one unit, that offers an excellent air tightness, consistent insulation throughout the roof area and can be installed quickly.


Built up system gutters which is a metal coated twin skin gutter system with a solid flat insulation board between. This is very useful where a service run or cables require to be concealed at eaves level.


Single skin gutter is another option, this is more commonly used for external eaves gutters as no insulation u value is required. The type of single skin gutters varies from UPVC half round, 0.7mm plastisol coated steel trimline gutters and galvanised steel box gutters.

Overskin gutter refurb

Gutter Lining

Gutters can be refurbished in numerous ways to eradicate leaking joints.


A gutter liner formed in PVC membrane lined metal can be installed without the need to remove existing gutters or roofs. They offer a simple cost-efficient way of overlaying the existing gutter and alleviating all gutter leaks in one simple solution.


Coating of an existing gutter is another method of prolonging the lifespan and eradicating water ingress into the building.


Gutter Maintenance


Gutters should be inspected at least once a year and any time after a heavy storm or downpour of rain, gutters should also only be checked by a qualified person to do so – they will know what they are looking for in terms of current issues, they can also spot any potential problems. Checking gutters regularly to make sure they are free from any debris is so important to maintain a fully functioning guttering system. It is not uncommon for gutters to get blocked with leaves and other debris, especially in the autumn and winter months. Dealing with a problem before it causes damage to your guttering system is so important.


If you think your gutter is currently blocked or damaged, we will be able to refurbish your current solution and provide your business with a fully functioning guttering system. Our team will happily refurbish old work and make it good as new.


Here at Roofclad Systems, we offer maintenance programmes to ensure your guttering system is getting the right care after installation, annually.  If your guttering system has been installed properly you should have no trouble or issues and you will be left with roof drainage for years to come. However, it is highly recommended to still get your gutter checked even if you think there may be no problems with it currently.

Contact us today for more information on our guttering service, we will take care of your guttering needs designed around your business.

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