Specialist Drone Surveys

Roofclad Systems has embraced new technologies as they emerge and redefine the successful completion of a project.

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Survey existing structures quicker and more efficiently

Project progress can be closely monitored

Reach areas where a mechanical boom/cherry picker can not

Drone technology has expanded into all avenues of construction in the last several years as a multipurpose tool able to bring new benefits and efficiencies.

Surveying existing structures can now be done in quicker times, with a greater range unconstrained by any access issues, reducing the number of hazards operatives are exposed to.

Overall progress can be monitored more clearly as projects take shape over time.

New perspectives offered by our Hasselblad L1D-20c camera allow an effective image of the site to be communicated to operatives on the ground and office-based staff in real time.

Previously these views would require significant equipment hire, labour costs, health and safety risks and time. Roofclad Systems utilises evolving DJI drone technology to improve on all of that.

What Are The Benefits Of A Specialist Drone Survey? 

These self-propelled drones can fly and get to places where we cannot with a mechanical boom/cherry picker. 

We have the ability to take a bird’s eye view of the roof in question and using a high zoom lens, we can get up close to any issues. The drone is particularly useful for identifying blocked gutters, hidden valley gutters and damaged roof sheets, to areas where we cannot see from below within a roof survey.

Our members of staff who operate the drone all carry a commercial PFCO Small Unmanned Aircraft licence to carry out the full roof survey.

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