Roofclad Systems was established back in 1978 and is a commercial roofing service that provides a selection of building envelope solutions and environmentally sound building systems for industrial use. From our head offices based in Birtley, Tyne and Wear and Leeds, we have been providing services to areas across the North East for over forty years now. From a gradual growth and expansion of the business, we now have depots in both these North East regions and a new branch located in Yorkshire which enables us to service the areas of Durham, Newcastle, Leeds, Yorkshire and so on to the best of our ability

Here at Roofclad, we strongly believe in the quality of our service and we, therefore, work devotedly to both expanding our business to different regions and growing our client base. Our services are now highly acclaimed in the North East, and we are popular amongst our clientele for delivering expertise, knowledge and a high-standard profile of work. If you are situated within the area of Newcastle upon Tyne, then we are pleased to announce that we will come out to you and offer our services to this area and its surrounding periphery.

The Area of Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne is a city and metropolitan borough within the county of Tyne and Wear, situated in the North East of England. Newcastle lies on the Northern bank of the River Tyne, which is connected to the city of Gateshead by the famous seven bridges of the Tyne riverscape. The city is also eight miles from the North Sea and close to the neighbouring county of Northumberland. Due to its prime location on the River Tyne, the town developed greatly during the Middle Ages and it was to play a major role in the Industrial Revolution, being granted city status in 1882. Today, the city is a major retail, commercial,  and cultural centre hub and in addition to a bustling vibrant tourist destination for both young and old with plenty of activities to occupy your time and fully enjoy.

 A Background To The Services We Provide In Newcastle upon Tyne

Roof cladding

Roof Cladding is one of the most popular services sought after within the Newcastle area. We provide four different types of roof cladding including;

  • Standing Seam Roofing Systems – These are able to be installed on low pitched roofs and are a popular choice in the industry as they offer low maintenance but high performing covering guaranteed to exceed a 25 years lifespan.
  • Roof Overcladding / Single Skin – Which is a cheaper alternative if the existing roof surface is in a sound condition. It involves installing a new profiled metal skin over the top of the existing wall with insulation and a support bar is installed in-between.
  • Traditional Built-Up Roof Cladding – A traditional method consisting of an internal metal liner before an insulating layer and an external face. This simply improves the acoustic and thermal performance of the existing building.
  • Composite Roof Cladding – A composite roofing is a pre-made all-encompassing panel that is designed to simplify the roof installation. Composite roof panels offer the luxury of being able to fit roofs more quickly and efficiently when the speed of installation is of major priority.
  • Flat Roofing – Single Ply Roofing, Built Up Felt Roofing, Liquid Applied Flat Roofing.  

Wall cladding

Another one of our services that we provide is Wall Cladding where we offer four different types of wall cladding material including:

  • Rainscreen Cladding – A structure designed to work with the elements of nature to protect the structure of a building from wind and  and rain. When correctly specified, a rainscreen cladding system will provide insulating properties while controlling water, wind and fire. Here at Roofclad we have a vast range of experience working with Stone, Granite Tiles, Particulate Boards, Aluminium Hook On and Discretely Fixed rainscreen cladding.
  • Wall Cladding / Single Skin – This can sometimes be a cheaper alternative compared to wall cladding if the existing wall surface is in a good condition to do so.
  • Traditional Built-Up Wall Cladding – A traditional wall cladding system that is a site assembled twin skin metal wall system with a mineral wool core insulation.
  • Composite Wall Cladding – A pre-made all-encompassing panel designed to simplify the roof installation. Composite wall cladding offers the luxury of being able to fit roofs quickly and efficiently when the speed of installation is of major priority.


Our expertise and knowledge in Wall Cladding ensures that we can provide a top quality product and service for your building or business.

Maintenance and repairs

All work needs to be ensured that they are protecting your building as securely as possible. When transitioning from season to season, it is best to make sure that you are prepared for what could occur with repairs to your roof for example, or be prepared to get any of your maintenance work carried out by one of our professionals. Here at Roofclad, we are always on hand to step in if your building requires maintenance and repair work and we are 100 per cent committed to making your roof look like new!


In addition to our maintenance services, Guttering is also a HUGE part of our business in the Newcastle area. We will help to refurbish your guttering system to assist the provision of cost-effective ways to maintain the condition of your roof.


If you have a building space within the Newcastle area in which you wish to transform from a dark building into a light and airy environment. This can be done simply by replacing existing roof lights. Increased lighting provides ideal working conditions for those working within the building. Increasing natural daylight in your building can also reduce the need for artificial lighting, which in turn will reduce your overall lighting costs.

Office Locations

If you are not based in Newcastle upon Tyne, we are also pleased to inform you that our office locations also include Yorkshire, Leeds and Durham. The staff in our offices would be delighted to hear from you and to assist with service requests as best as we can. For details of how to get in touch please see our contact page. If you are within Newcastle and wish to make an enquiry – please do not hesitate to call our team on 0191 410 7535.

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