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Commercial Roof Replacement

A well-maintained roof can last for years, but at some point, it will need to be replaced. At Roofclad Systems we are commercial and industrial roofing contractors with over 40 years of experience.

When your building needs a roof replacement, our expert team will help you to plan which system will provide you with a high-quality and cost-effective solution.

We can create a modern design that helps your building to stand out from the crowd. Or if your commercial buildings require something more traditional, we’ll help you to find the roof type that will withstand adverse weather conditions and provide you with a new installation that will last for years.

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When your old roofing system has come to the end of its lifespan, replacement will need to take place. A roof survey will inform the design and help us to select the best materials for your building.

The next step is removing the existing roof system, insulation, guttering, and stripping everything back to the beams.

A new roof covering is then installed using whatever material is best for the type of roof and your budget.

Replacing the roof on industrial and commercial buildings requires expert roofing contractors to ensure the process is carried out safely and to a high quality to ensure that the new covering has a long life expectancy.

Roof Replacement
roof replacement

Does Your Commercial Or Industrial Roof Need Replaced?

At Roofclad Systems we specialise in commercial and industrial roofing and will guide you through the process from the design stage, the removal of your existing roof to installing the new covering and checking its thermal performance. We have a range of replacement options in different roofing materials so that we can provide our industrial and commercial clients with a new roof that meets their exact specifications.

Our range includes profiled metal or flat roofs with different wall cladding options, gutter lining, and designs that give more natural daylight to enhance the well-being of your workers. Our commercial roof designs provide a high standard of covering to protect your building and business from the elements as well as upgrade the overall look and appearance.

Roof Replacement
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Roof Replacement
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A well maintained commercial roof can last anywhere from 10-35 years

It is important to replace any damaged roofs in order to prevent further damages or leaks to a building

New roofs improve the aesthetics of any building

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roof replacement

The Most Common Reasons For Roof Replacement

Damaged Roof

All roofs become damaged at some point. This can be for many reasons such as your building being exposed to adverse weather conditions due to its location, or if minor repair issues have not been addressed quickly, and effectively.

The extent of the damage may mean it is not economically viable to repair your roof or the materials may be no longer effective, meaning the only option is replacing the covering.

Remodelling Your Building

As your business grows, your building may no longer meet all of your needs. Rather than moving premises, extending what you already have may be the best option.

A redevelopment project is likely to require your entire roofing system to be replaced to ensure the existing section is of the same high standard as the new one. This helps to ensure things like leaks and other minor issues where the two sections meet aren’t a problem.

Energy Efficiency

Developments in industrial and commercial roof materials in recent years mean that many old coverings no longer comply with guidelines relating to energy efficiency. This can mean higher energy bills and running costs.

The cost of energy is at an all-time high so replacing your roof may be a more cost-effective option than roof repairs that do little to improve energy efficiency.

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