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Tilley Properties, Edward Street, Darlington

Gutter Replacement

  • 80 lm of Gutter Replacement


The workshop building is situated on Edward Street in Darlington

Client Problems

The gutters had been experiencing large amount of water ingress through the old cast iron gutter over a long period. The areas of water ingress through the gutters were located around door entrances so tenants had to walk through this.

The gutter had corroded that bad that a number of holes were prominent from the underside.

The gutter was beyond repair and required replacement. The clients issue was that it could not be conducted during weekdays due to the vast amount of personnel working within and around the area for work


The solution for the gutter was to replace the entire run, with a new 2mm galvanised steel joggle jointed box gutter complete with new stop ends and outlets.

These works were conducted over one weekend, in order to prevent any disruption to the building tenants on site.

Before and After Photos:



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