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Rosti Automotive Stamford Bridge

Rosti Automotive Stamford Bridge, Stamford Bridge

Key Points

  • Roof 1 F Cell, 830m2 Stripping of the existing felt roof down to deck and installing a new built up felt system.
  • Roof 2 Finishing Shop, 820m2 Two layer felt roof overlay.
  • Roof 3 Heineken, 1672m2 Stripping of existing felt roof and decking and installing new built up felt system.
  • 12-week contract duration.


Prominently situated in Stamford Bridge North of York. The factory consists three roof areas with the original flat roofs.

Client Problems

The building had been experiencing large amount of water ingress through the felt roofs over a long period. The original roof had very low thermal value in comparison with today’s standards and a large amount of heat was being lost through the flat roof. Thus a combination of a roof that leaked in any inclement weather and one that resulted in excessive heating costs for the school through poor insulation.


Roofclad provided a new SIGNature Specification 20 year felt roofing system. The client has now a single point labour and material backed warranty that will cover them for any waterproofing issues over the next 20 years.

Roof 1 F Cell

F Cell felt roof to be stripped down to existing timber deck and replaced with self-adhesive felt underlay, 30mm insulation, torch applied underlay and a torch bonded AA fire rated cap sheet covered by a SIGNature 20-year warranty. Existing rooflights replaced with non–fragile rooflights.

Roof 2 Finishing Shop

Finishing Shop roofs to be cleaned and prepared then overlaid with an underlay and a torch bonded AA fire rated cap sheet covered by a SIGNature 20-year warranty. Existing rooflights replaced with non–fragile rooflights.

Roof 3 Heineken

Heineken roof, to be entirely stripped off down to the existing timber joists. Replaced with self-adhesive felt underlay, 120mm insulation, torch applied underlay and a torch bonded AA fire rated cap sheet covered by a SIGNature 20-year warranty. Existing rooflights replaced with non –fragile rooflights.

Before and After Photos:



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