Rooflight Works

If you wish to transform a dark building into a light and airy environment, this can be done simply by replacing existing roof lights. Increased lighting provides ideal working conditions for those working within the building. Increasing natural daylight in your building can also reduce the need for artificial lighting, which in turn will reduce your lighting costs.

Rooflight renewal

Our expert rooflight renewal work can often be undertaken with little or no disruption to daily activities, so your building can remain fully operational throughout the works.


Rooflights can be designed into refurbishment projects.  Rooflight replacement can also be conducted where the age of the existing rooflights has resulted in a loss of light levels.


Types of Rooflights

There are various types of rooflights that Roofclad can replace for equal or equivalent products, they are GRP profiled rooflights, PVC profiled rooflights, domed rooflights and Georgian wired glazing. All of this is dependent on the project requirements.

Case Studies

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