The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Roofers

The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Roofers

When it comes to your roof you simply cannot afford to cut corners with expenses and the standard of your labour practise. As a business owner, your roof is arguably one of the most vital aspects of your business structure – it is the bricks and mortar to your business, gives you a safe and secure premises to work from, and houses your employees that ensure all work is ticking over as it should. 

It is easy to take your roof for granted, however if something goes wrong then it could result in large costly repairs. Not to mention it could also pose a threat to interruption of your business operations if your premises are not safe to be on. In order to avoid this from occurring there are many things that you can do as a responsible business owner, from taking out a Maintenance and Repairs Plan to safeguarding yourself, your workforce and your commercial building with the help of professional, expert Roofers who truly know what they are looking out for and how to get the job done correctly. 

So why should I hire a professional Roofer, and not try a hand it myself? 

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Roofer

Guaranteed Safety –

As a business owner, you should value the structure and welfare of your commercial building not just for your own benefit but for the benefit and safety of your workforce. 

Here is the bottom line: 

Although you may do the groundwork behind the scenes and take care of the operational and financial side of things, your workforce are the ones who assist in working all hours to carry out construction contracts that help to keep your business afloat. And a safe, secure and feasible workplace is the least that they can ask for, right? 

Therefore depending on the issue that you may have with your roof – whether it is looking at the extent of possible damage, or scheduling a maintenance check, or even patching up a slight repair – it is always best to actively seek a professional Roofing company like Roofclad Systems! Having established the business back in 1978, this gives us 41 years of experience specialising in roofing and cladding across the North East and Yorkshire. Our team have all gone through rigorous training processes to ensure that they can spot minor problems that an untrained eye would fail to pick up on, and they can deliver the best possible solution for each individual case. 

It Can Aid To Improve Your Health –

A commercial roof which is performing in tip top condition helps to prevent health problems arising from unwanted cold draughts, unwelcome leaks, potential sagging and the growth of mould to name a few. 

Not only does this mean your workers will be able to work safely and healthily in your workplace, but it will also lower the amount of employees you experience taking sick-leave from work. 


Increase Workplace And Energy Efficiency Of Your Business –

Not only does a roof that is functioning correctly maintain a smooth efficiency in the workflow of your employees, it also increases the energy efficiency of your business overall! An old, abandoned roof will ultimately result in needing more hefty repairs carried out, and therefore include extra costs. 

By hiring the help of a professional roofer, you can ensure that your roof has been designed and fitted correctly and schedule regular maintenance checks to keep your workplace comfortable, warm and dry to improve your energy efficiency. 

Adds Value To Your Commercial Building –

Hiring a professional Roofer to undergo your roofing works means that all of the factors we have mentioned above, ultimately compile to adding value to your commercial building, through the thorough work and expertise of a professional in the trade! 

There are four main ways that our team here at Roofclad can add value to your commercial building:

Carrying Out Regular Maintenance Checks –

This can aid you in preventing major problems with your roof by picking up on any minor issues that have been caused through weather damage or over the years. It is essential that we remind you that you should only get your roof checked by a professional roofer, ideally the company that fitted your roof initially, in order to ensure that you are getting a thorough check by experts in the field. Not just that but they will also be able to spot any little changes a lot quicker than someone with no experience, through knowing exactly what to look for. 

Our Maintenance Checks consist of:
– Quarterly / Bi-Annual / Annual site visits.

– Removal of all rubbish, debris and leaves from roof areas and gutters.

– Inspect all rainwater outlets, replace leaf guards.

– In light of Climate change, it is more important than ever to ensure all gutters and rainwater pipes are free-flowing especially on older buildings where they were designed for rainfall rates which are less than current standards, we are happy to check the design of existing rainwater systems and introduce additional weir overflows or pipes where necessary.

Refurbishment Plans

If your roofer has indeed found little issues within your roof that could be easily put right by the right hands, then we can offer you a Refurbishment plan with our team at Roofclad. This is an essential part of simply extending the lifespan of your roof, and really taking good care of it. Not to mention, it can also save you hefty costs in the future to notice the small problems or potential risks early and put them right straight away! 

Gutter Maintenance –

Checking your buildings gutter system is as crucially important to ensure that they are working as they should be, and not blocked up. Your gutters should be checked at least once a year, and any time after a heavy downpour of rain or after a storm. Get in touch today to see how we can help to maintain your gutters here at Roofclad!

Rooflight Works

If your work premises is particularly dark then why not give it a spruce up for Autumn / Winter and implement Rooflight Works with our help here at Roofclad!? Rooflight Works can totally transform your workspace into a light, airy environment, maximising your team’s overall productivity – which is a win, win situation for any business owner, right? Not only will you see the positive impact on your workforce, but you will also find that it will reduce your need for artificial light – saving you large lighting costs! 

Ultimately, adding value to your commercial building will pay off in the end result if you ever consider selling your property or leasing it to another company or organisation to benefit from. Any other business owner alike is going to a lot more inclined to rent or purchase your property from you if your roof is in immaculate condition, understandably. It is also reported that experts agree that you are likely to make around 70% of what you would spend on any construction or repairs. 

Get in Touch Today…

If our reasoning for why it is so much more beneficial to yourself and your business to hire the help of a professional Roofer has encouraged you get looking, then pick up the phone today and get in touch with Roofclad Systems! Reach us on 0191 410 7535 and we can discuss exactly what we can do for your business today!