Choosing The Right Commercial Roofing Contractor

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Choosing The Right Commercial Roofing Contractor

For every business owner, there are always a million and one things to try and get done in a day, right? Of course there will be some tasks that you can try and do a little bit quicker or by taking a short-cut, however one area of business admin that you should never attempt to cut corners with is the construction of your roof on your commercial building! Today we are going to  give you an insight into our guide for choosing the right commercial roofing contractor… 


Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Commercial Roofer? 


Making sure that you have instructed legitimate contractors to work on your commercial roof is vitally important for many reasons:


  1. Ensuring the safety of your workforce


Your roof is the one thing above everyone’s heads and if something drastic were to go wrong, it could end in very unfortunate circumstances. Ensuring that your commercial roof is carried out by trained, expert professionals is vital in order for you to have the peace of mind that both yourself and your employees are protected from major harm. 


  1. Protecting your premises


Another key area that your roof protects is your main faculty of work. Whether it be a factory, store or warehouse, your commercial roof protects the contents of your company in order for your business to run smoothly on a daily basis. 


  1. Prevent further consequences


If you happen to cut corners on the team that you employ to fit your commercial roof, then you could find yourself with some costly consequences to pay. For example, later down the line you could experience complicated issues that may come with rather hefty price tags attached to them, or you may find out that you have a reasonable deal but for an extremely ill-advised job. Both are examples of situations that every business owner wants to avoid – at the end of the day, you have enough plates to be juggling! 


How Do I Know How To Pick The Right Roofing Contractor?



Before signing any contract deal, you should always make sure that your contractor has the correct insurance policies in place. As we said, there are many risks involved when fitting a commercial roof, so having legitimate insurance policies in place help to give you peace of mind. If you are unsure about what insurance they have, why not ask to see certificates? If they have the correct policies in place then they will not shy away from showing you! 


Try Local


Hiring a local firm to implement your commercial roof is always beneficial, you will know that they can do the work for you with less chances of them cancelling due to commuting issues. But in addition, it also means that they will or should have, a respectable reputation in the local area. 


Don’t Be Fixated On Price


You should never base your decision on which contractor you choose based on their fee. If the service seems extremely cheap and almost too good to be true, then chances are it will be. Make sure that you check out more than their fee when exploring which contractor is best suited for your job, in order to receive valuable results. 


Maintain Communication


It is also always handy to have a good relationship with your contractor, with strong communication in order for everyone involved to be on the same page as each other. Whether it be writing down what exact work is being carried out, the pricing of each individual step or just regular updates on the progress, this is always beneficial for trust and peace of mind if your contractor is keen to keep in touch throughout.  


So Roofclad, Tell Me Why I Should Pick You? 


Here at Roofclad, we are specialists in roofing and cladding, and have been since 1978! We are known for our expertise, in-depth knowledge and high standard of work in which we consistently deliver. We take care of our customers every step of the way, from the design to installation and maintenance after completion. Our experienced team can work from drawings sent to us in any format, with or without specification and we will be able to give our advice on the best and most cost-effective materials and design for any industrial or commercial building. Our designs are also fully covered by professional indemnity insurance! 


All our operatives are directly employed by the company, and fully trained, certified installers. We are able to design, plan and install industrial roofing and cladding, flat to pitch roof conversions, strip to re-clad of old buildings, built up felt roofing, single ply membrane, waterproof coatings and rain screen cladding systems. 


Got an urgent repair that needs doing? Don’t worry – we respond to urgent repairs immediately and agree on individual timescales for each project dependent on our clients’ individual needs. 


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If you would like to discuss any upcoming projects where you would like the help from experienced professionals in the roofing industry, then don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Give us a call on 0191 410 7535 or email us at