Roofclad expanding into Yorkshire

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Roofclad expanding into Yorkshire

Here at Roofclad Systems, we have recently expanded our business across the North. Extending our service to Yorkshire. We are well known for our industrial roof cladding in Newcastle, and so we thought we would extend our service into other areas.

Our business now has over 50 full-time staff and is set to increase with the business extending to Leeds. The service will be the same, primarily being roof cladding in Leeds. Yet with all the other services we offer like our industrial rooflight works, roof refurbishment and cladding maintenance.

This move will help us get a firm base for contacts across the North of England, helping increase our brands’ visibility and awareness. Alex Tilley, our managing director has stated that Roofclad has had many quotes/enquiries around Yorkshire and beyond. Therefore, it makes sense that we have an office further south from our current office in Birtley.

One of the main contracts which Roofclad have won in Yorkshire is a £250,000 roofing contract for Rosti at Stamford Bridge. Therefore, our new base will help us with the workflow of contracts like these for the future.


Roofclad Systems office in Leeds

We service our customers in Yorkshire from our Roofclad Systems office in Leeds, as it is great access to the motorway. As it is south of Leeds, it is in an excellent location to the M62/M1. Making it more accessible to everyone around.

With the new office in Leeds, we are committed to creating new jobs around the local area. Hoping to appoint more employees in the future as we are continuously growing and expanding.

For more information on Roofclad Systems and our new addresses etc., get in touch with us. We are more than happy to help and offer you a quote for our services.


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