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Merrington Industrial Estate, Spennymoor

Insulated Single ply Overlay

The roofing overlay project was located in Merrington Industrial Estate in Spennymoor. This involved a partial overlay of the former Electrulux site.
  • 6,400m2 overlay and re-roofing of flat roof
  • 15-week contract duration

Client Problems

The building had been experiencing significant amounts of water ingress through the original flat roofing system which was impacting on the day to day running of the of the tenant’s business.

The original roof had very low thermal value in comparison with today’s standards and a large amount of heat was being lost through the flat roof. Though this was an issue the biggest problem was the significant amount of water ingress coming in to the building at numerous locations when any inclement weather occurred.

The works that were required to be done, though the tenant in the building could not afford to be impacted from their day to day business.


Roofclad provided a new Renolit Flexsom single ply system mechanically fixed single ply overlay complete with a 30mm foil faced insulation board.

The client has now a new Renolit Flexsom roof that will last for in excess of 20 years.

Before and After Photos:



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