What Are Drone Surveys And How Do They Work?

Drone Surveys

First things first, what is a drone survey? Drone surveys are simply surveys conducted from overhead using a drone, and the process takes a fraction of time compared to traditional methods of aerial surveying. Visual roof surveys involve a physical examination of the roof carried out by a qualified roof surveyor, who will assess the roof and take pictures of any problem areas. However this, comes with a number of risks and can result in serious injury or even fatalities. That’s why drone surveys, that require no scaffolding, paperwork or ladders, have become increasingly popular over the years throughout the construction industry. They make the survey process far more efficient, and more importantly safer than traditional surveying methods, allowing aerial images to captured typically otherwise inaccessible areas on a rooftop.

Drone roof surveys work to significantly reduce survey preparation time and have led to improvements in accuracy, consistency and repeatability of roof surveys and unlike traditional methods of surveying, they an provide absolute accuracy when capturing data whether it be on singular buildings on large scale sites. Before carrying out any project it’s essential to carry out a survey to identify any issues or obstacles that may impact the project. As the latest drone technology has improved it has become a more commonly used, safer, quicker and also cheaper method of carrying out surveys in order to collect aerial data most commonly used to produce surveys with absolute accuracy.

Surveys provide critical information that enable informed decision making to ensure the job is done safely and efficiently, by identifying any potential hazards so they can be removed before work commences. Drone roof surveys provide precise roof measurements, and can monitor overall progress more clearly as projects take shape over time.

What Can A Drone Survey Do For You And Your Building?

Drone Survey Of Roof

Drones are revolutionising the roof inspection industry, with one of the main advantages being that surveys can be carried out from the ground! Drone surveys are now a valued and established method of surveying, delivering safer conditions for employees along with providing more accurate results. With the right drone solution, companies are able to capture the key information from even the most complex of roof designs in both an accurate and repeatable way. Previously these views would require significant equipment hire, labour costs, health and safety risks and time. Roofclad Systems utilises evolving DJI drone technology to improve on all of that.

The team at Roofclad pulled together a few of the main ways a drone survey can benefit you and your building!

Birds Eye View

These drones can also fly to places and reach heights that would otherwise be impossible with a mechanical boom or cherry picker. By providing a birds eye view it enables the survey to identify issues that may have otherwise not been identified. The drone will multiple take pictures from different angles, providing a detailed overall picture of the project from start to finish.

Closer Inspection

By using high zoom lenses drone roof surveys can get up close to any issues that would otherwise be overlooked. The drone is particularly useful for identifying blocked gutters, hidden valley gutters and damaged roof sheets, to areas where we cannot see from below within a roof survey.

Quick View

By removing the need for someone to physically have to access the roof and carry out a visual inspection, it means surveys can be carried out quicker and more efficiently. Conventional methods can require preparation and the process itself can be lengthy and it requires the surveyor to physically access the roof and make a visual inspection.

Drone surveys also mean that the entire roof survey can be recorded by the drone from start to finish, meaning that any footage can be thoroughly evaluated for complete peace of mind.

Do I Need A Drone Survey?

Aerial Drone Survey

Drone surveys have become increasingly popular across many industries as they are less time consuming and able to function at a lower cost than traditional surveying methods. By identifying issues early on, surveys can save thousands of pounds in costly repairs. Here are a few situations where you may find yourself needing a drone survey, some of the most common being:

  • There’s been damage caused to you roof by severe weather
  • They’re perfect for older properties or those that reach considerable heights, as the drone can quickly scan the roof and locate the source of any existing or potential issues
  • Your insurance provider is asking for a roof report to attach to your policy
  • To identify the source of a leak
  • You want to find out how energy efficient your building is


Drone Surveys With Roofclad

At Roofclad Systems, we take immense pride in our drone survey services where we used the latest drone technology to collect aerial images provide accurate images of what may have been typically inaccessible areas of a rooftop. Our special drone survey service allows us to take a bird’s eye view of the roof in question and using a high zoom lens, we can get up close to any issues. The drone is particularly useful for identifying blocked gutters, hidden valley gutters and damaged roof sheets, to areas where we cannot see from below within a roof survey. Our members of staff who operate the drone all carry a commercial PFCO Small Unmanned Aircraft licence to carry out the full roof survey.

Roofclad Systems utilises evolving DJI drone technology to improve on all of that.

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