CIF Bids – How Roofclad Systems Can Help

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Is your school, academy or sixth-form college eligible to apply for The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bids in 2020 to 2021? 


The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is an annual bidding round for eligible non-diocesan VA schools, academies and sixth-form colleges to apply for capital funding. The funding goes towards:

  • Addressing significant condition needs
  • Ensuring that education provider buildings are safe and in good working order
  • Addressing Health & Safety issues

The Condition Improvement Fund also supports a small proportion of expansion projects for those of the above education providers who have rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. 


How Can Roofclad Systems Help? 

Since establishing in 1978, we have been specialists in roofing and cladding refurbishment works. Primarily servicing Scotland, North East England and Leeds, we provide building envelope solutions and environmentally sound building systems for industrial and commercial use. We can take care of your project from start to finish; including the design and installation of your roof and cladding, flat to pitch roof conversions, strip and re-clad of old buildings, waterproof coatings, rainscreen cladding systems and so much more, through to maintenance upon completion. 

Over the years, we have obtained a number of roofing and cladding contracts to schools up and down the country. Here’s how we can help you: 


Roof Cladding Refurbishment

When considering roofing refurbishment, the focus should always be on the planning and management of the project. The safety of those carrying out the work, those operating below roof level and minimising disruption to the client’s operations are absolutely critical. When you work with a roofing contractor, with our extensive experience of refurbishment contracts, you can be confident that you are trusting professionals that understand all of the potential risks involved and will work with you to keep your operations running during the project. Here at Roofclad, our design team can advise on the logistics of any project during the consultation stage and offer guidance on cost and scope. 

There are four different types of roof cladding refurbishment that we can advise and perform on your roof:

  • Standing Seam Roofing Systems
  • Roof Overcladding / Single Skin
  • Traditional Built Up Roof Cladding
  • Composite Roof Cladding


External Wall Cladding Refurbishment

Similar to roof cladding refurbishment, there are a number of different external wall cladding refurbishment options to suit your needs, depending on building structure, support and condition. 

There are four main types of external wall cladding refurbishment options that we can advise and perform on your building:

  • Rainscreen Cladding
  • Wall Overcladding / Single Skin
  • Traditional Built Up Wall Cladding
  • Composite Wall Cladding 

Flat Roofing 

A commercial flat roof can last anywhere between 10 and 35 years. However, this will all depend on how well you maintain it of course. There are a number of systems available for commercial and industrial flat roofing and here at Roofclad, we offer full renewal of existing flat roofing and repair options, including: 

Gutter Maintenance

Roofclad Systems are highly experienced when it comes to commercial and industrial gutter maintenance in the UK. We have been maintaining gutters for over 30 years, with experience on a number of different industrial and commercial properties.

There are two types of industrial and commercial guttering types that we would recommend:

Industrial and commercial gutters should be inspected at least once a year and any time after a heavy storm or downpour of rain, gutters should also only be checked by a qualified person to do so – they will know what they are looking for in terms of current issues, they can also spot any potential problems. Checking gutters regularly to make sure they are free from any debris is so important to maintain a fully functioning guttering system. It is not uncommon for gutters to get blocked with leaves and other debris, especially in the autumn and winter months. Dealing with a problem before it causes damage to your guttering system is so important.

If you think your gutter is currently blocked or damaged, we will be able to refurbish it and provide your business with a fully functioning guttering system. Our team will happily refurbish old work and make it good as new. Learn more about our Gutter and Maintenance Packages today. 


Roofclad Systems have had an in-house fabrication department since 2014 which has grown from strength to strength. Our fabrication team understands that the supply of products of the required quality, on time and in sequence is critical to the performance of projects.

Our factory is managed and manned by staff with a continuous improvement philosophy, routinely utilising lean processes to reduce waste and increase flexibility. The vastly experienced fabrication team recognises that customer satisfaction is key to our continued success. 

We can manufacture a wide range of bespoke fabrications from our in-house facility: 

  • Rainwater downpipes
  • Flashings
  • Weatherfast composite gutters
  • Single skin gutters
  • Weatherfast gutter lining systems
  • Column casing
  • Soakers
  • Press brake sheets
  • Powder polyester coated products
  • Welded units


Maintenance & Repairs

A roof protects you, your employees, your students and your building contents. If the roof is not maintained, it will not perform to its maximum lifespan. Over the years, Roofclad Systems has recognised the importance of our clients initiating a regular maintenance programme with respect to their cladded roofs. By implementing a roof maintenance plan, it can substantially increase the lifespan of the roofing fabric and therefore increase the protection it gives you and your building. 

Roofclad Systems can conduct a maintenance programme that can be tailored to suit the client and consist of many different services to include: 

  • Quarterly / Bi-Annual / Annual site visits
  • Removal of all rubbish, debris and leaves from roof areas and gutters 
  • Inspect all rainwater outlets, replace leaf guards


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