The importance of roof maintenance over winter


The importance of roof maintenance over winter

As the dark nights and cold, wet weather of winter continues it is crucial to consider your roof maintenance! During the harsher, colder and wetting months of the year it is more important than ever to stay warm and dry and that means ensuring your roof is in the best condition possible. Here at Roofclad Systems, we know too well from our expertise and experience within the industrial roofing and cladding industry how important it is maintain your roof during this change in conditions. Maintaining your commercial or industrial roofing system for winter is essential as this time of year can be fraught with problems due to the more extreme weather conditions. It is therefore vital that your facility is ready to tackle heavy rainfall, extreme temperatures or even snow. This is a busy time of year for businesses and roofers alike so it is highly recommended that you have your roof maintenance plan in place to avoid any problems escalating into larger, more costly issues. This is why it is so important to engage in roof maintenance over winter…

Potential roof risks during winter

The winter season typically brings chilling temperatures, torrential rain, high winds, snow, ice and so on. All can cause risk of damage to your commercial or industrial roofing systems including…

  • Condensation
  • Ice dams
  • Icicles
  • Cut edge erosion
  • Risk of injuries


All these issues can occur if the roof is not properly maintained. As you can see winter weather can cause a whole host of problems for your roofing system, this is why Roofclad advise that you follow a roof maintenance plan!

Implementing a roof maintenance plan this winter

Here at Roofclad we construct quality roofs that are built with these weather conditions in mind. However, all roofs require maintenance in bad weather and we ensure you and your commercial or industrial roof are fully prepared for such. Take advantage of our services, knowledge and expertise and let us give you peace of mind this winter. We guarantee to prevent leaks and other roofing issues that could harm your company by leading you to need a full roof replacement, causing damage to your building, loss of valuable stock and supplies or even equipment damage. Costs will soon spiral and you may not be able to claim on your insurance either, if adequate roof maintenance hasn’t been carried out.

A roof protects you, your workers and the building contents. If the roof is not maintained, it will not perform to its maximum lifespan. By implementing a roof maintenance plan, it can substantially increase the lifespan of the roofing fabric and therefore increase the protection it gives you and your building. A roof maintenance plan can involve anything from roof cladding repairs to gutter maintenance and general roof repairs such as  liquid coating, felt repair, fixing replacement and roof sheet replacement.

How can Roofclad help you?

If you are looking to ensure your roof is adequately maintained this winter then please do not hesitate to contact us today, we look forward to discussing your requirements with you and ensuring that you get the best advice we can offer you.