IHP, Bridge House in Newcastle upon Tyne

Roof Coating Overlay

  • 225m2
  • 10 Year Centaur Coating System
  • 3 week duration


IHP Bridge house is located in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne with a great view of the Tyne Bridge.

Client Problems

The building had been experiencing significant amounts of water ingress through the original asphalt flat roofing system which was impacting on the day to running of the of the business.

A number of repairs had been conducted across the roof with little success now.

The roof is littered in protrusions from air conditioning units, soil pipes, extractor fans and steelwork stubs for window cleaning.

Lastly the client had budget restrictions for conducting the roof works.


A specific system suitable for detailing around roof protrusions was required. This system was Centaur coatings. Roofclad provided a new 10 year coating overlay system to the roof incorporating a matting.

The system not only has the benefit of going round difficult and intricate details but is flame free which is different to other roofing materials.

The client now benefits from a roof that does not leak, will last over 10 years and within budget.

Before and After Photos:



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