Common Mistakes Business Owners Make With Their Roof

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Common Mistakes Business Owners Make With Their Roof

Being a business owner there is a lot to think about and take into consideration every day. Maintaining any investment in your business is also crucial! Your commercial roof is probably one of your biggest investments as it is the protection over your whole business. You don’t want to be without your roof nor do you want to have to spend extra money repairing any mistakes that were made initially. We will discuss some common mistakes commercial business owners make with their roof…

Choosing the wrong contractor!

This is primarily one of the biggest issues. If you get it wrong from the get-go then there may be no going back! Here are some top tips to make sure you find the best contractor for you and your business needs:

Check out their portfolio

If they don’t have one, or if they don’t have anything to show you historically then that is a major red flag! Don’t hire someone to do a job if you cannot view their previous work or if they don’t have any testimonials to hand!

Cash only payments

If this is their only payment method then you should not proceed! There are many many risks surrounding this method of payment.

Poor communication

If they take a while to respond or even commit to working with you then is it worth proceeding with that contractor?

Opting for the less expensive option

While we all want to save money, there are certain aspects of your business you won’t want to skimp on. A new commercial roof is a big job and a lot of high-quality materials are required which does come at a cost. As well as this, when getting a new roof or refurbishing your old one it is important to remember that one size does not fit all.

Not maintaining the new roof

Over the years Roofclad Systems has recognised the importance of our clients initiating a regular maintenance program with respect to their cladded roofs. This maintenance procedure is equally as important with newly installed roofs as it is with aged roof systems. As all roofs need to be ensuring that they are protecting your building as securely as possible.