What Is Roof Cladding? (and why it’s important)

What Is Roof Cladding? (and why it’s important)

What is roof cladding?

Having a durable, weatherproof and insulating roof is incredibly important in industrial and commercial properties. You may be wondering, what is roof cladding? Roof cladding is the layer of material which makes up the external surface of a roof. There are a number of different roof cladding materials out there. However, the ideal rood cladding materials should be incredibly durable, waterproof, low maintenance and visually appealing.

Roof cladding types

Here at Roofclad, we can install a number of different roof cladding systems. These include:

  • Standing Seam Roofing Systems
  • Roof Overcladding / Single skin
  • Traditional Built-up Roof Cladding
  • Composite Roof Cladding

If you would like to know more about our roofing systems, please visit our industrial roof cladding services page.

Why is roof cladding important?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your building as it protects you from many things such as the ever-changing climate outside – especially as we live in the UK. Roof cladding is a vital part of any commercial or industrial building. It is essentially an extra layer on top of your roof which acts as a waterproof seal for the property. Roof cladding can come in a variety of different materials and here at Roofclad Systems, we offer 4 types of cladding material. But, why is roof cladding so important? We are here to tell you exactly why…

Why is it so important to have roof cladding on a commercial roof?

Roof cladding is an integral part of any commercial property as it serves 3 major purposes. These are:


Installing roof cladding can provide insulation on your roof that can help to regulate the internal temperature of the building. Insulation can also provide an extra layer of soundproofing which can be beneficial if your industry creates a lot of noise that could cause disturbance to the surrounding area. Additionally, insulation from roof cladding also has the added bonus of providing a level of fire resistance to your building. This is dependable on the type of cladding you have, but Roofclad is able to advise you accordingly.

Weather Protection

Another great bonus of adding roof cladding to your building is that it can help to protect your building from the weather elements. Not only is roof cladding a waterproof layer that prevents moisture build-up in your roof’s surface but it can also provide additional internal protection. Excess sun, rain, wind and sub-zero temperatures can play havoc with commercial roofing and problems can occur without the extra layer of roof cladding. Extreme weather can penetrate roofs, cause cut edge corrosion and generally deteriorate your roof. By installing roof cladding, you can save on roof maintenance and repair costs in the long run and significantly increase the lifespan of the roof.

Aesthetical Quality

Not only is roof cladding practical – it’s also aesthetically pleasing! The ideal thing about roof cladding is that it can be coated to match the existing aesthetic of your building! Therefore, roof cladding can also help increase the overall appeal of your building.