Preparing your commercial or industrial roof for winter


Preparing your commercial or industrial roof for winter

As the nights draw in and temperatures drop, we welcome in the weather of winter once again. Onwards comes the harsher, colder and wetting months of the year, a season in which it is more important than ever to stay warm and dry. Here at Roofclad Systems, we know too well from our expertise and experience within the industrial roofing and cladding industry how important it is to prepare for these change in conditions. Preparing your commercial or industrial roofing system for winter is essential – so think ahead and ensure you stay warm and dry during the next couple months. This time of year can be fraught with problems due to the more extreme weather conditions so it vital that your facility is ready to tackle heavy rainfall, extreme temperatures or even snow. This is a busy time of year for businesses and roofers alike so it is highly recommended that you have your roof system inspected in the run up to winter to avoid any problems escalating into larger, more costly issues.

Problems caused by winter weather…

The winter season typically brings chilling temperatures, torrential rain, high winds, snow, ice and so on. All can cause risk of damage to your commercial or industrial roofing systems including…

  • Condensation
  • Ice dams
  • Icicles
  • Cut edge erosion

All these issues can occur if the roof is not properly maintained. As you can see winter weather can cause a whole host of problems for your roofing system, this is why Roofclad advise that you follow these vital steps when preparing your commercial or industrial roof for winter…

#1 Schedule a roof inspection

First things first it’s vital to check for any potential early warning signs that there is a problem with your roof through a roof inspection. Before the harsh winter weather hits it is highly advisable for your to get a professional to take a look at your roof. Here at Roofclad, we can understand how hard it is to know how your roof is performing, therefore, as experienced contractors in the field we are on hand to assist you with our site visits. Regular inspections should be conducted before and after winter to ensure your roof remains in the very best condition at all times.

#2 Clean up

If you have a contractor come to inspect your roof then they will most likely advise cleaning up and clearing the roof surface to make sure the gutters are clean and clear of debris. Branches, leaves, rubbish and so forth that may have found itself onto your roof should be removed. Anything covering your roof is a hazard to your system and could have the potential to puncture your roof membrane, leaving it vulnerable to leaking and even flooding. Additionally, your gutters must be clear of debris to ensure heavy rainfall and water from melted snow has somewhere to go. Here at Roofclad we also provide a gutter maintenance service in which we inspect your gutters to ensure you maintain a fully functioning guttering system. We ensure all your gutters are clear of debris to prevent water from backing up and sitting on your roof.

#3 Evaluate your surrounding area

Not only is it vital to have a roof inspection to look directly at the health of your roof structure it is also extremely important examine the areas around your facility for hazards. High winds and extreme weather can cause trees or other debris to fall in winter and impact your roof. When you have your roof inspected our specialist can advise you what to do if they believe that such a hazard is presenting itself.

But, why choose Roofclad to prepare your roofing solutions for winter?

Here at Roofclad wie construct quality roofs that are built with these weather conditions in mind. However, all roofs require maintenance in bad weather and we we ensure you and your commercial or industrial roof are fully prepared for such. Take advantage of our services, knowledge and expertise and let us give you peace of mind this winter. We guarantee to prevent leaks and other roofing issues that could harm your company by leading you to need a full roof replacement, causing damage to your building, loss of valuable stock and supplies or even equipment damage. Costs will soon spiral and you may not be able to claim on your insurance either, if adequate roof maintenance hasn’t been carried out.

If you are looking to prepare your roof for winter then please do not hesitate to contact us today, we look forward to discussing your requirements with you and ensuring that you get the best advice we can offer you.