Industrial Roofing Contractors

Here at RoofClad Systems have 35 years’ worth of experience in the roofing industry. As well as being industrial roofing contractors, we are able to apply our knowledge to help you with any queries and questions you may have about different types of roofing etc.


We also provide many different services, not just roofing services, but also services like wall cladding and maintenance & guttering. For a full view of the services we offer, take a look below.


Maintenance & repairs


Having regular and routine checks on your roofing is essential for you to ensure your roof is up to the correct standard. If it is not maintained, then it will not perform to its maximum lifespan. Therefore, at RoofClad we believe it is essential to have a roof maintenance plan put in place, to ensure the condition of your roof is maintained and to improve the lifespan of the roofing fabric.


Roof Cladding


With roof cladding, we can provide 4 different types. Whether it be just the standard seam roofing system, roof overcladding/single skin, traditional built up roof cladding or composite roof cladding, we provide them all. We are experts in installing and providing knowledge in which we believe will be best suited to your building and needs.


  • Standing seam roofing systems
  • Roof overcladding / single skin
  • Traditional built up roof cladding
  • Composite roof cladding


Wall Cladding


RoofClad Systems do not just focus on roofing, but they also focus on wall cladding. There are many advantages to wall cladding. With the main reason being their low maintenance and their high protective layer. It will protect your building from pollution, dirt and most types of weather conditions. With it also being a very good insulating layer covered around your building, therefore, decreasing energy bills in the long run.

  • Rainscreen cladding
  • Wall overcladding / single skin
  • Traditional built up wall cladding
  • Composite wall cladding


Flat Roofing


A flat roof is both economic and efficient, which will save you energy and money. We offer 3 types of flat roofing, depending on the condition of the building and which we think will be best suited to the structure.

  • Single Ply Roofing
  • Built up roofing
  • Liquid applied roofing




We also offer guttering to your roof, whether it is a new build or a roof which has already been installed. We will figure out the best way to place the guttering in the roof. There are many different ways which we can do this, and so it will depend on the type of roof you have to see which would work best. However, in addition to the general guttering, we also have a gutter lining.


A gutter lining is formed in PVC membrane lined metal, which can be installed without the need to remove existing gutters or roofs.


Rooflight works


If you need more light to your building, then don’t spend money on electricity bills. Invest in rooflight works. This is giving the building natural light, by replacing existing roof panels with GRP profiled rooflights. Giving the building a lighter and airy environment.


Modern commercial building with a flat roof