Integrated Health Project, Benton Warehouse Roof Work

Integrated Health Project, Benton Warehouse Roof Work

  • 1,700m2 Re-roofing using conventional composite roof panels
  • 8 week contract duration


The warehouse building is situated in Benton Square Industrial Estate in Benton Newcastle upon Tyne. The Warehouse is to be used for storage for medical goods.

Client Problems

The building had been experiencing large amount of water ingress through the old profiled asbestos cement roof over a long period. The original roof had very low thermal value in comparison with today’s standards and a large amount of heat was being lost through the pitched roof. Thus a combination of a roof that leaked in any inclement weather and one that resulted in excessive heating costs for the company through poor insulation.


Asbestos cement profiled roof cladding was removed by a specialist contractor from below the roof level. Roofclad provided a new Kingspan profiled roof system, 115mm composite complete with new insulated gutters, external trimline type gutters, rainwater pipes and a permanent handrail system.

The client has now a Kingspan Ultimate Panel Guarantee covering the structural and thermal performance for a period of up to 25 years and coating performance for a period of up to 30 years.

Before and After Photos: