Foss Barrier, York

Foss Barrier, York

Single Ply Roofing, Composite Cladding & Rainscreen

  • Full Envelope Package
  • 650m2 Single Ply Roofing c/w 3m square lift off access panel
  • 800m2 Kingspan Karrier Panel System
  • Coreten Look a like Hook on Rainscreen panels
  • 26 week contract duration


At Christmas 2015 the flood defences on the River Foss in York failed resulting in around 30% of the properties in York being flooded. The problem was the building which housed the pumps which pumped water from the River Foss around the flood barrier flooded resulting in the pumps failing.

Client Problems

The pumps and associated equipment needed to lifted around 6m this has been achieved by building an extension to the current pumping station on top of the existing building. Whilst the new building is being constructed a system of temporary pumps have been installed next to the existing building.

The building is located within sight of the famous Castle Museum and the historic Clifford’s Tower therefore careful consideration of the materials selected to clad the building was made, the building has been designed using the Coreten (as the Angel of the North) material, unfortunately it was pointed out that this material during the process of weathering can produce residue that can harm fish. Roofclad then suggested that the building was constructed using polyester powder coated aluminium rainscreen coated to mimic the appearance of the specified material.


Roofclad provided an alternative to the originally specified Kingspan Composite panel roof using a single ply membrane this ensured that the lift off access panels and the numerous roof penetration details could easily be accommodated. The roof system from Renolit Alkorplan came with a 25 year warranty and a life expectancy around 40 years.

The Kingspan Karrier panel which provide the supporting structure for the rainscreen were fixed using a vacuum lifting device suspended from a mobile crane this reduced the period on site and the need for any manual handling of the 100 kg panels.

The project is ongoing the envelope is finished with the design for the rainscreen complete with view to being fitted once the building is in operation.