Maintain your Commercial Roof this Spring


Maintain your Commercial Roof this Spring


We are full swing into Spring now – although the weather may not have got the memo with the radical combination of mixed weather’s that we have had lately. We have seen literally everything from sun to heavy rain, hailstone and even snow – not what we would usually expect during April that’s for sure! Making sure that you maintain your roof throughout the year is always essential in order to protect your commercial building therefore do not abandon it throughout Spring – chances are we have had some demanding weather conditions throughout winter that require top-up’s to be applied or a general check-up to ensure that your roof is working as it should, so here are some of our tips on simple ways that you can maintain your roof this Spring…


Tips for maintaining your roof


Regular Inspections

It is important to double check that the harsh winter weather has not made any critical or substantial damage to your roof as the nights get longer. Ideally, you should request the services of the same roofer that installed your roof to come out and check it between seasons as they will know what to look for and spot any differences or potential problems straight away.


Focus on common problems

Issues that can are more likely to arise to roofs can be the field – where degradation can occur, or the flashings as they can be a popular area for leaks. Focusing on these issues when you are about to get your roof checked over can make all the difference to the condition and upkeep.


Have only qualified roofers to assist

We cannot stress this enough, that you should ONLY have a qualified roofer to go up on your roof for repairs, production and/or maintenance. This is to ensure that your roof is being looked over by someone who is educated within their field and a professional at roofing.


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Contact us

Our team here at Roofclad are all professionals and know exactly what they are looking for, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call today to get your commercial roof checked over and/or if you think you need maintenance work carried out. It’s always a keen reminder that it is better to be safe than sorry and we make sure that we give you peace of mind with the condition of your roof when done by Roofclad!